February 19, 2018

What is a School Counseling Degree?

what is a school counseling degreeAs the new school year begins, many incoming students might be asking ‘what is a School Counseling Degree’ as they consider their various options. School counseling degree programs train individuals for a career as a school counselor. These jobs exist at every level and at every school: from kindergarten through graduate school. It is for this reason that such a degree is in high demand. Opportunities are always out there. For those looking to pursue a career as a school counselor, online school counseling degree programs are an extremely popular option. A degree in school counseling is necessary because it trains individuals to be responsive to the various issues that affect students: violence, disputes, career planning, class registration, and so on. Having illustrated why training is so important for a well-qualified counselor, it should be obvious that most applicants have a bachelor’s degree, if not a master’s degree as well.

How To Find The Top School Counseling Degree Programs

Having outlined the importance of the degree, many might wonder what academic institutions offer the best school counseling degrees. The University of Southern California, for example, has a well known graduate program. Another top school is Harvard, which offers a master’s in “Education in Risk and Prevention.” As most of the programs ranking highly are master’s programs, undergraduates might consider majoring in psychology or sociology if their school does not offer a counseling program at their level, and hope to transfer from there. Of course distance itself might be another obstacle, which is why many students choose to get their degree from some of the best online school counseling degree programs. Many of these programs are accredited, and offered by highly respected universities like the University of Massachusetts and the University of Wisconsin. While it is hard to argue that a counseling degree from Harvard would not be a pretty nice addition to a resume, online programs offer the convenience of at-home learning while still opening up the same opportunities. Therefore, the best programs are oftentimes dependent on the unique situations of the students themselves.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With School Counseling Degrees

The job outlook for school counselors is positive: especially on the East Coast where counselors make up to $90,000 each year. School counseling salaries are generally equivalent to teaching salaries, as both professions require the same amount of experience and education. The job itself landed a place on US News’ Best Jobs of 2012 list due to favorable hiring prospects and a country-wide median salary of $53,000. Indeed, for those looking for a stable career, school counseling may be a perfect fit. A successful school counselor will have to enjoy working in an academic setting, be interested in the latest developments in child psychology and development, enjoy working with children and parents, and be willing to settle down in one location for a long period of time. If you want to help students get into the colleges or careers of their dreams, through academic guidance or personal support, counseling degree programs are definitely worth considering.